Ian Stell "RollBottom"
USA, 2016
39 x 20 x 43.5
An imaginative take on the school desk, "RollBottom" integrates chair and work surface into one linked structure in which the desk cover and sitting surface are one and the same. Either you sit in this chair and work, or you pack up for the night and cover up your desk. With curves recalling Breuer’s iconic chair design, "RollBottom" is a witty reprieve from the prospect of never-ending desk labor. Made by New York designer Ian Stell of steel, aluminum, leather and LEDs.
Ian Stell "RollBottom", image 1
Ian Stell "RollBottom", image 2
Ian Stell "RollBottom", image 3
Ian Stell "RollBottom", image 4
Ian Stell "RollBottom", image 5