Adrian Pearsall

ADRIAN PEARSALL (1925-2011) was an iconic American furniture designer who rose to prominence during the mid-century modern movement. Born in Trumansburg, New York, he led a remarkable career that left an indelible mark on furniture design. Pearsall's distinctive creations showcased organic forms, bold lines, and innovative materials, making him an integral part of the mid-century modern aesthetic.

After serving in the Navy, Pearsall studied architecture at the University of Illinois. After graduating, Pearsall began to focus his career on modern furniture design and opened a business called Craft Associates. He and wife, Dorie, built furniture at their home in Kingston, Pennsylvania. He was known for selling his furniture at the back doors to large department stores like Macy's. Shortly after realizing the talent and possibility for success, his brother Richard helped him open a furniture factory in Pennsylvania.

Towards the end of his career, Adrian transitioned from the “Atomic Age” to a more comfortable styling of furniture in the 1970s and 80s. This inspired some of his later furniture to be bold with plush materials. Some of his most iconic designs are his Gondola Sofa, the Model 2291-C Lounge Chairs, Brutalist Chair, and the Grasshopper Lounge Chair for Craft Associates Inc. Model 990-LC to name a few.

(Image Credit: Adrian Pearsall Store; Source: Mid-Century Warehouse + ABT Modern)