Beth Wyller

BETH WYLLER (b. 1947) is a Norwegian artist whose work inhabits the borderland between utility and sculpture. The material qualities of ceramics are an important part of her artistic language. From any given point of view, her work explores artistic expression through small displacements and differences.

Wyller's recent “tiles-series” explores the convergence of two and three-dimensional logic, mirroring her large-scale vessels from the early 1990s in an overtly tactile medium. Her irregular surfaces and shifting, handmade lines contrast with the implicit weight and starkness of her artworks, juxtaposing the common ceramic modalities of restraint and balance with a vigorous mark-making often found in painting.

Her work is represented in all the major Norwegian museums and she has received several prizes for her work, including The Special Prize WOCEF, Korea in 2003 and 2007.

(Source: Galleri Format)