Christian Dell

CHRISTIAN DELL was a German silversmith and designer. He was best known for his designs of desk lamps: constructed from new materials such as bakelite and aminoplastics, Dell's Molitor Grapholux lamps pioneered mass production for a large audiences in tandem with the Molitor-Zweckleuchten company during the 1920s and 30s. Dell studied silversmithing early in his career, graduating from the Saxon College of Arts and Crafts in Weimar in 1913 and advancing to foreman of the Bauhaus metal shop there until 1925, when the Nazi party took control of the area. Born in Hesse, Germany on February 24, 1893, following the end of World War II, Dell moved to Wiesbaden and manufactured silver goods until his death on July 18, 1974.

(Photo Credit: Pamono; Source: Artnet)