Paolo Venini

PAOLO VENINI (1895-1959) was an Italian glass designer, important for his propagation of Murano glass and 20th-century glassware design. Born in 1895 in Cusano near Milan, Italy, Venini's career began when he went into business with Giacomo Cappellin, with whom he opened a glass factory on the Murano islands in Venice in 1921. Recognized for introducing new, modern, conceptual designs, Murano glass continued to be a moving force in glass manufacturing throughout a large portion of the 20th century, Venini himself contributing to several characteristic works, including the fazzoletto series. Following a dispute with co-founder Cappellin, Venini took sole control of the company in 1925, which continued to be a family company after his death in 1959 in Venice, Italy.

(Photo Credit: Venini; Source: Artnet)