Various Projects, Inc.

VARIOUS PROJECTS, INC. was formed in 2005 by Elizabeth Beer and Brian Janusiak as a multidisciplinary creative collaboration. Often working in blurry areas between design, art, and commerce, Various Projects, Inc. is always looking to link creative disciplines. Collaborations are a central and essential focus of the studio which creates objects, garments, accessories, books, furniture, and spaces as the need arises.

Various Keytags is a product line made by Various Projects, Inc. that evolved from a single souvenir created exclusively for the Travel/Hotel store. Now its own entity or spin-off, it offers an infinite number of word and phrase variations and continues to grow into new customized categories.

Project No. 8 was, for thirteen years (2006 – 2019), the retail arm of Various Projects, Inc. These spaces offered Various Projects, Inc. and their many creative partners a chance to experiment with questions of distribution, digression, and the creation of fluctuating communities.