Reed Chojnacki: ARC

Patrick Parrish Gallery is pleased to announce that our upcoming exhibition, “ARC”, will open on September 9th and will showcase the latest sculptures and paintings by New Jersey-based artist Reed Chojnacki. Chojnacki’s multidisciplinary body of work focuses on building a visual language that speaks to the powerful complexity of scale, motion, and color.

Utilizing art crates that he collects from the curbs outside of galleries, Chojnacki’s “Neon Crates” series converts what were once disregarded vessels for transporting art into luminescent sculptures of their own right.

Chojnacki’s exploration of color and depth continues in his impressive “Paintings of Monoprints” series, featuring glass-painted monoprints that he uses as color studies and then proceeds to transform into amplified, large-scale paintings on canvas.

An opening reception will be held on September 9th, and the show will run through October 21st. We hope to see you there!

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