Guy C. Corriero: Heads, Arms, Forms, Holes

Patrick Parrish Gallery is pleased to present Heads, Arms, Forms, Holes, a solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Guy C. Corriero. A longtime painter, Corriero made a fluke decision in 2011 to begin working with clay. His self-taught technique—making hand-formed, irregular vessel-objects with cascading glazes—developed in response to Bill Tucker’s heavy bronze boulders and Petah Coyne’s black sand cloud hearts, as well as the school projects his young daughter brought home to him.

Six years on, the lumpy, crude figures in Heads, Arms, Forms, Holes center on head and body form. Arms rise upward. Arms are cut off. Appendages grow outward. Holes open up. Crude green glazes flow down. White clay becomes classical stone sculpture. Corriero has scaled and refined his process, but these works are as tactile and intuitive as his first experiments.

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