Alexis Dahan: INTRUDER

Patrick Parrish Gallery is pleased to present Intruder, an exhibition of lighting designed by French artist Alexis Dahan. This project follows a public intervention dating back to when Dahan removed a cobblestone from a New York street and exchanged it with one extracted from Paris. Each lamp is encased in a cement cast of the original cobblestone, accompanied by casts from the opposite city’s cobble. As a result, the displaced fragments of two real paved roads are given a new purpose as functioning lamps.

ALEXIS DAHAN is a French artist and writer based in New York. His work is an examination of the various forms taken by the city’s erosion. Since 2012, Dahan has had numerous exhibitions of sculptures, drawings, and public interventions in the United States and Europe, notably with LAMB Arts (London), Half Gallery (New York), Coburn Projects (New York), and the Art Production Fund (Las Vegas)

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