Linda Lighton: Sex and Death

Patrick Parrish Gallery presents Sex and Death, a solo exhibition of ceramic sculpture by Kansas City based artist Linda Lighton. Lighton’s work explores sexuality as seen through the lens of the natural world. Often taking the form of anthropomorphized flora and marine life, Lighton's work takes on the spontaneous, dangerous, and fruitful energies of life and transformation. Her sculpture celebrates seduction and sexual prowess.

In this exhibition, Lighton shows us a luscious and fragrant sensuality alongside stark, mechanical images of firearms. Large flowers growing gun forms, or a crystalline growth of lipsticks and bullets, look at the repellant and seductive forms of objects that cause pain or pleasure. Lighton addresses her concern with the growing prevalence of gun violence, and juxtaposes it with images of life and fecundity, that reveal both vulnerability and resilience. These sculptures suggest that, rather than suppress these energies, we bring ourselves to think about and feel them. This exhibition is an invitation for a conversation about these often taboo topics.

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