Salon Art + Design Fair 2016

Patrick Parrish Gallery is pleased to present a range of contemporary and rare 20th-century design at this year’s Salon Art + Design Fair. The design firm, Charlap Hyman & Herrero, have created a special booth to evoke an eclectic collector’s study in their signature inviting, minimal-yet-warm approach. Using midcentury Indian design as inspiration, and sisal as their principal material, the designers interpreted in small textural scale the intricate screens and exteriors of traditional Indian architecture that inspired architects like Stone and Le Corbusier in their work on the subcontinent.

Highlights of the collection include an iconic hanging lamp by Milanese architect Mario Tedeschi; a large, vibrant oil painting by Op-Artist Edna Andrade; a set of rare teak and jute furniture by Indian designer Mini Boga; a bronzed wall-mounted cabinet by legendary American furniture designer Paul Evans; a tapestry by Abstract Expressionist Conrad Marca-Relli; several marble sculptures by Hanna Eshel; a large floor sculpture by Brooklyn based artist Cody Hoyt; and a stunning bronze lamp by Kristin Victoria Barron.

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