Eric Oglander

ERIC OGLANDER (b. 1987, Nashville, TN) is a self-taught sculptor whose practice is informed formally, structurally, and materially by his multifarious interests. Growing up fishing and hunting for arrowheads in the woods outside Nashville, his work stems from a relationship with collecting, found objects, and primitive skill sets with a focus on minimal forms.

An avid collector of folk art, Oglander is attracted to and even romanticizes objects crafted without the explicit intention of viewership; objects that weren’t made to be consumed as artworks. His sculptural practice, often material experiments made within imagined parameters, alludes to these moments forged of necessity and happenstance. While shining a light on the whimsical nature in found, and often overlooked, objects, Oglander’s work explores the intersection between the freedom of play and the intentionality of function.

On his artistic process, Oglander notes: “I fall in love with materials and play around with them until something good happens. I don't have a concept in mind while making the work. I'm a human with interests, and I hope that other humans with interests find the work interesting. They're welcome to take from the work whatever they wish. I make small objects because of the limited space I have but also because I think it's easy for large work to be impressive. I feel successful if I can make small, impressive objects. I also like something you can hold in your hand. It's easier to relate to.”

Oglander’s work has been exhibited at NADA NY, Deli Gallery, Patrick Parrish Gallery, Swivel Gallery, New Release Gallery, The Shed Space, and The Castle in New York; Poem 88 in Atlanta, GA; The Fine Art Museum at Western Carolina University; Institute 193 in Lexington, KY; Soho Revue Gallery and Cob Gallery in London, UK; NADA x Foreland in Catskill, NY. Oglander has also worked as an assistant to American sculptor Robert Gober for several years.

(Photo Credit: Tim Barber)