NADA NY 2022

Patrick Parrish Gallery is pleased to present the latest and greatest work by Eric Oglander at NADA NY 2022. A self-taught sculptor based in Queens, NY, Oglander grew up playing and exploring in the woods outside of Nashville, TN. It was there that Oglander developed an affinity for collecting fascinating odds and ends that most people may not glance twice at, such as the thorns and coils of prickly cat briar branches, old button-down shirts from abandoned houses, and miscellaneous scrap wood found in nature or on the street.

Over the years, Oglander has continued to tap into the whimsical abundance of found, and often overlooked, materials through his sculptural practice. On his artistic process, Oglander notes: “I fall in love with materials and play around with them until something good happens. I don't have a concept in mind while making the work. I'm a human with interests, and I hope that other humans with interests find the work interesting. They're welcome to take from the work whatever they wish. I make small objects because of the limited space I have but also because I think it's easy for large work to be impressive. I feel successful if I can make small, impressive objects. I also like something you can hold in the hand. It's easier to relate to.”

NADA will be returning to New York for its 8th run at Basketball City on Pier 26 from May 5th through May 8th, and we hope you stop by our booth, # 5.13, to see Eric Oglander’s fantastic new pieces in person!

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