Gio Ponti

GIO PONTI (1891–1979) was one of the most inventive Italian architects and designers of his time. For more than 60 years, Ponti’s exuberant approach found expression in public and private commissions from buildings, interiors, and furniture to glass, ceramics, and flatware. In 1928, Ponti founded the magazine Domus, and through its pages, he influenced international design for over 50 years.

Ponti’s multidisciplinary creativity reflected his insatiable search for innovation and a mind at home with contradiction. He was drawn to classical forms, yet he always looked toward the future. One of the twentieth century’s most influential advocates of mass production, Ponti also valued artisanal craftsmanship. His architecture grew out of concern for essential functions, but he had a passion for surface decoration.

(Source: Denver Museum; Image Credit: Paolo Gasparini)