Judy Engel

JUDY ENGEL is a ceramicist based in upstate New York. Greatly influenced by the modernism of the middle of the 20th century, Engel's first introduction to this style was the Empire State Plaza in Albany, NY. As stated by the artist: “In the 70s, upstate school kids were taken to The NYS Museum on field trips. While we were guided through the museum's Native American, mineral, and fire engine exhibits, I was most drawn to the amazing architecture, sculpture, and paintings that were outside of the museum along the concourse and the plaza outdoors. We didn't learn about it back then, but as I got older, I learned that this was The Empire State Plaza Art Collection, which has been referred to by art historians as 'the greatest collection of modern American art in any single public site that is not a museum'”.​

(Photo Credit + Source: Judy Engel Sculpture)