Felix Muhrhofer

11 Stations: Terrazzo From the Underground

Patrick Parrish Gallery is pleased to present 11 Stations: Terrazzo From the Underground, a solo exhibition of new works by Austrian designer Felix Muhrhofer. Versed in ancient terrazzo technique, Muhrhofer brings its application to unique table forms, in which design is inherently tethered to technique and to the city itself.

Muhrhofer presents eleven tables, each named after a different New York City subway station. Crafted using the same glass that decorates the mosaic of its respective station and shaped to reflect that station, each table becomes a template through which distinct characteristics can be drawn.

studied industrial and interior design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and ELISAVA in Barcelona. Beginning from his first garage-made workshop space, Muhrhofer honed an impressive range of classic techniques, which have become the starting point for the discovery of innovative and practical applications. His distinctive designs are internationally recognized and have included projects for Vienna’s “Wiener Sängerknaben” concert hall and, in 2018, the Obizzi showroom of goldsmith Stefanie Derhaschnig.

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