Felix Muhrhofer

FELIX MUHRHOFER is an Austrian interior designer and artist who is known for his work with beautifully speckled terrazzo stone. Terrazzo is more than just a material to Muhrhofer, for the unique layout of the stones he works with turns each piece into a one-of-a-kind article, with a recognizable quality like that of a fingerprint.

Since the early 2000s, Muhrhofer has focused on the practical implementation of his designs and checking their tactile quality, esthetic appearance as well as their feasibility. Muhrhofer expanded his craftsmanship in skills like welding, soldering, woodturning, casting, and grinding stones over the years to experimentally develop new methods of form and shape finding with this knowledge. In fact, innovative processing techniques and material combinations emerged from these techniques leading to several patent applications.

His passion for design allows Felix Muhrhofer to branch out to different projects like developing the stage design for the opening ceremony of the concert hall of the famous Vienna boys choir, the architecture of the internationally known R&BAR in Vienna, and many others.