Tron Meyer: MARS

Patrick Parrish Gallery is pleased to present MARS, the first solo exhibition in the United States by Norwegian artist and architect Tron Meyer. Playing on the red planet’s singular appeal for the last century as a new frontier for human habitation, Meyer explores the line between art and utility through the lens of new, synthetic environments, where limited resources and new contexts will alter an object’s ultimate function. In a new framework, without the usual ties of authorship, the object’s purpose is open to re-definition.

Using glass, stone, wood, steel, aluminum, and resin, Meyer has created a collection of furniture, sculpture, and paintings meant to emphasize the common ground between architecture, design, and art as both receiver and transmitter of intimate and collective narratives.

Tron Meyer is a Norwegian artist, architect, designer, and curator who works in a wide range of materials and scales. Meyer’s work reflects his curiosity for the potential in production, meditating on how economy, materiality, design, craftsmanship, function, and aesthetics together form the basis of the object as a physical consequence.

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