Salon Art + Design 2019

Patrick Parrish Gallery is pleased to announce its return to Salon Art + Design at the Park Avenue Armory. On view will be original works from the 1950s by the legendary Austrian designer Carl Auböck, a rare set of 4 teak lounge chairs by Pierre Jeanneret, and a stunning collection of terrazzo tables by Norwegian Architect Erling Viksjø.

CARL AUBÖCK II (1900 – 1957) is responsible for thousands of unique and whimsical designs produced in Vienna, Austria. The gallery, in collaboration with collector Clemens Kois, is pleased to present a unique collection of over 200 household and luxury objects designed between the years 1945 - and 1957 in brass, leather, wood, and bamboo.

ERLING VIKSJØ (1910 –1971) was a Norwegian architect and designer best known for his brutalist architecture and furniture using concrete and stones. The gallery will present a unique Conglo terrazzo coffee table from the 1960s, with a beautiful polished Norwegian stone top and rosewood legs. The gallery has 11 additional tables by the influential Nordic architect available for purchase.

PIERRE JEANNERET (1896 – 1967) was a Swiss architect famous for designing the furniture for the Modernist capital city of Chandighar, India, along with his cousin, Le Corbusier, who designed the buildings. The gallery will be showing 2 pairs of consecutively numbered low lounge chairs that retain their original finish and their hand-lettered government inventory numbers.

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