Brian Thoreen: UNSETTLED

Patrick Parrish Gallery is pleased to present UNSETTLED, Brian Thoreen's first solo exhibition with Patrick Parrish Gallery, opening Thursday, February 16, 2017, 6-8pm.

Thoreen has created a collection of objects that are visibly in tension, seemingly in peril, and delicately negotiating gravity. The pieces combine elements and materials that rely on one another for stability, becoming self-supporting and functional only through the careful calibration of weight, balance, and space. Glass forms reach for each other but can't quite make the distance. Marble hovers over glass, appearing to defy physics.

While creating the collection, Thoreen restricted himself to a narrow set of guidelines—he abstained from using any fasteners, and limited his material palette to marble, bronze, and smoked glass, yielding a series of warm, organically-composed furniture.

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