Brian Thoreen

BRIAN THOREEN is a Los Angeles and Mexico-based designer who creates furniture, architectural installations, and unique design objects whose ethos is informed by their material physicality. Thoreen creates functional and nonfunctional works which gather their ethos from the integral nature of the materials within the application.

Focusing on material and form, his works find ways to an unexpected existence. His body of work contains studies on material and independence and interdependence, offering the materials used an opportunity to be expressed. By filtering his ideas through the lenses of emotion, technique, playfulness, and experimentation, the end results vary but at aligned through a continuous thread.

Thoreen’s vision has been honed through years of working in the fields of art, fashion, and architecture. He found early inspiration working closely with James Turell and the James Corrigan Gallery, and brings this artistic sensibility to real-world applications. He has also co-founded the nomadic gallery, MASA.

(Photo + Source Credit: Brian Thoreen)