Bec Brittain: Autonomic

Patrick Parrish Gallery is pleased to present, Autonomic, a solo exhibition of new lighting works by Bec Brittain. Autonomic will introduce Brittain’s first two series of freestanding lights, Vault and Crane.

The Vault series uses concrete bases to visually and structurally anchor thin curving lines in space, punctuated with LED tubes and ceramic and wood elements. The widely varying scale of the pieces prompts a different interaction with the viewer; some pieces are human scale and are easily perceived as objects, while others become architectural, creating space for one to walk through.

The Crane series is about material: brass acts as the crane hoisting a load of glowing glass. The brass holds a comparable volume of the lighter glass, in scenarios that appear precarious but, due to the material differences, aren’t.

619 XB2 W9053
620 XB2 W9045
621 XB2 W9036
622 XB2 W8981
623 XB2 W8939
624 XB2 W8934
625 XB2 W8879
627 XB2 W8854
629 XB2 W8829