The Glorious Object: 42 Artists, 42 Cubic Feet of Fantastic | Curated by Rodger Stevens

Patrick Parrish Gallery is pleased to present The Glorious Object: 42 Artists, 42 Cubic Feet of Fantastic, a group exhibition of small works curated by New York artist and curator Rodger Stevens.

For over three years, a humble 6 x 7 upright wooden wall unit has stood on the lower level of Patrick Parrish's TriBeCa gallery, quietly playing host to a miniature world of treasures. Last summer, while standing before this simple grid of cubic niches during a bustling opening, Rodger Stevens thought it was high time to elevate the unit's status. Parrish, exercising his keen eye and flexible mind, agreed.

This December, the free-standing bookshelf will be moved upstairs into the spotlight and filled with the work of 42 carefully—nay, surgically—chosen artists and designers from the increasingly cross-fertilizing fields of art and design.

It's a formidable roster of artists, representing an extraordinarily diverse range of disciplines—from sculpture to lighting, ceramics to textiles, woodwork to the unclassifiable. All of which will reside, side by side, for a month, in a beehive of glorious objects, including works by: