Chris Beeston

CHRIS BEESTON (b. 1985) grew up in North Carolina and moved to New York after receiving a BA in Studio Art from Davidson College in 2008. Beeston’s work is an extension of his hobbies and life experiences: repairing broken electronics, collecting street metal, reading science fiction, and digesting as much scientific and technical knowledge as possible. Beeston’s meticulous works elevate everyday, mass-produced objects—like 99-cent-store Tupperware—into objects of greater intention and extended functionality without concealing their origins. His curiosity about the world is on full display, focused on the geometric, structural, and technological underpinnings of our culture. His fascination with home goods highlights a belief that people desire deeper, more emotional connections with their surroundings. A recent series of lamps, fabricated mostly out of dollar store food containers and other household hardware, speaks to the idea of design via misuse – a quest to transcend and elevate even the most mundane of items, and to challenge every material’s preconceived purpose.

Beeston’s studio is currently based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. He worked as a studio assistant to Tom Sachs for over a decade, where he specialized in customized electronics as well as sculpture fabrication. His work has been exhibited at Patrick Parrish Gallery, Fisher Parrish Gallery, FOG Design + Art Fair, Ok Gallery, Coustof Waxman, Colette, and The Hole.

(Source + Photo Credit: Chris Beeston)