Jim Oliveira

JIM OLIVEIRA is an abstract artist based in New York who is known for his highly textural furniture and 3-dimensional paintings. Using his unique "Color Pile" technique that he has developed over the years, Oliveria mixes an acrylic gloss with ink and raw pigments and then proceeds to meticulously pour the mixture out into thousands of circular shapes. Once dried, Olivieria is able to peel, stack, and weld the material together with a heat gun into a glossy or rugged "collage" of formations on his chosen surface. This labor of love truly pays off, resulting in structural masterpieces that are simply mesmerizing.

Oliveira's work has been featured in The New York Times, New York Magazine, City Magazine, House Beautiful, Interior Design Magazine, New York Spaces, Free and Easy, Details, Elle Decor, Elle Décor Italy, Interni Design Guide New York, and Casa Brutus Magazine among others. His work has also been included in books by Jonathan Adler, Tricia Guild, and Craig Kellogg.