Jonathan Nesci

JONATHAN NESCI (b. Chicago, IL, 1981) is a multi-faceted creative who lives in Columbus, Indiana. Nesci develops fine art, sculpture, furniture, lighting, and exhibitions. He produces his work with a guild of high-craft makers in the Midwest that use conventional and digital fabrication processes. These collaborative, regional pairings allow for his ideas to be realized in a variety of materials and finishes with a wide array of seasoned experts. In 2009, Wallpaper Magazine honored Nesci with a Design Award for creating the “Library Bookcase”. This wall-mounted shelf was added to the permanent collection of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. His “General Desk”, part of his show The New, an inaugural show of Volume Gallery in 2010, was recently acquired by his hometown museum, The Art Institute of Chicago.

Nesci is a cultural matchmaker often connecting architects, artists, and designers. He finds creative talents and brings them together in important residential and community projects, often by playing the role of creative matchmaker. Nesci's work lives on the outer edge of design and art and within the realm of architecture. His practice embraces the continuing challenges and lessons of his craft which demands an exactness of design and fabrication.