Pat Kim

PAT KIM is a Brooklyn-based designer and artist working primarily in objects and furniture rooted in the philosophy of sculptural simplicity and enduring quality.

The importance of being hands-on and self-sufficient are important factors in his work. Driven by a compulsive need to experiment in his waterfront Redhook studio, Pat is constantly creating works that build on self-taught techniques and those gleaned from traditional craft. His works span the gamut between art to the functional, in three and two dimensions.

His studio practice reflects a creative conflict of philosophies: Oscillating between pure form exploration and tight functional pieces; between carefully planned, purposely executed pieces and expressive experiments in material and method.

Pat Kim studied Industrial Design at the Pratt Institute, with a short stint at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. He lives and works in the Redhook neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

(Source: Pat Kim)