Kasper Kjeldgaard

KASPER KJELDGAARD’s work is characterized by a strong focus on subtle detail, through the ornamentation of non-functional objects. Using materials like cork, brass, wood, and paper, Kjeldgaard creates a poetic universe in the tension between real objects and abstract design.

A curiosity about the intrinsic properties of materials drives Kjeldgaard’s practice—he studiously explores conditions around weight, balance, and friction in his work. Beyond their decorative merit, his mobiles delineate the energy and mutability of the space they occupy.

Kjeldgaard uses the idioms of art, design, and architecture to understand the forces—natural and mechanical—of the world around him. By extension, each of his installations is both an individual composition, and a model for its physical environment.

Kjeldgaard studied furniture design at the Royal School of Design and Architecture in Copenhagen and he currently lives and works in Århus, Denmark.