Zach Martin

ZACH MARTIN, also known as Interior Theatre, creates furniture-esque sculptures that are both humorous and eerily human, evoking surrealist figures crossed with caricatures of chairs, tables, and lamps. His cast of starkly-colored objects are curved, bulbous, and arching as they hang suspended in alternating positions of flexing and repose. Martin’s practice articulates the liminal areas—the space between states of existence, art, and commodity, between object and user, and between familiarity and abstraction.

Zach received his BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design where he studied painting. He currently lives and works in Providence, RI. Zach was recently part of the two-person show Familiars at Fisher Parrish Gallery. He has also shown at HANDJOB Gallery and 99¢ Plus Gallery in New York, and The Pit Gallery in Los Angeles.