Huy Bui

HUY BUI, whose practice is rooted in environmental design, builds modular units which are stacked and suspended, and crafted to host a network of micro-ecosystems. The units vary by scale and medium, bridging the disciplines of industrial, furniture, interior, architectural and urban design. The objects and installations, which inhabit home, retail, work, public, and gallery spaces, inspire questions about the ecology of our daily lives.

Bui is the co-founder of Plant-In City, an ongoing collaboration that explores the cross-section of architecture, technology, and plants. Bui also co-founded *HB* Collaborative, an industrial, lighting, furniture, interior and environmental design studio, with clients like Alexander Wang. The fabrication shop is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—a dynamic neighborhood where new ideas regularly materialize, inspiring new forms of spatial expression. *HB* experiments with the “why” of functionality, and pushes the way abstract brand objectives can translate into experiences.

Bui leads a product design course, Modular Ecology, at Parsons School of Design. This interdisciplinary studio explores the cross-section of urban, architecture, industrial design and explores how a modular framework integrates the flow of energy that defines a system.