Kristin Victoria Barron

KRISTIN VICTORIA BARRON, Interior Designer and Founder of KRIEST, a multi-disciplinary creative studio offering bespoke home design services, is offering an inaugural collection of classical, material-driven small scale sculptures and lighting inspired by the ‘aether element’, or dream world.

Inspiration for the collection was culled from Barron’s personal life: from pygmy deer that eat orchids and roses off the coast of Florida, to ancient Chinese renderings of horses, Lascaux cave paintings and talismanic objects like the Venus of Willendorf and Nepali Shaman sculptures. Both mythical archetypes and Barron’s own dream sequences influenced her to create the collection.

The Orchis Collection is comprised of objects in three categories, vessels, objects and lighting and is available for purchase at Atelier Courbet, Mondo Cane, and Gaspare Asaro in New York City.