Justine Neuberger

JUSTINE NEUBERGER grew up in New York in a traditional Jewish family in the 1990s. Her background pierces through her paintings: tale, kinship, and intimacy meet in a complex contact zone. In Fiorello La Guardia High School, a public school with extra art classes, she learned the craft of oil painting.

Neuberger's paintings absorb their audience in a thin vellum made of loosely threaded narratives. When asked what words she thinks of while working, the words “softness, curls, spirals, sinew, clouds, mountains” were described as the lucid foundation of Neuberger’s creativity.

Neuberger received her BA in Studio Art and Art History at Oberlin College in 2015 and her MA in TESOL in 2019. Her recent exhibitions include a solo show at Clima Gallery titled Firmament of Time and a two-person show with Vijay Masharani in MiArt Fair in Milan. She currently lives and works in New York City.

(Photo Credit + Source: Justine Neuberger)