Group Show: Visual Unpredictability

An exhibition including sculpture, furniture, and painting. Differing in themes, united by visual unpredictability. We aim to open a dialogue surrounding creative freedom: in the works, one might find playfulness, formal surprise, and a celebration of materiality.

At Patrick Parrish Gallery, curated by Kenny, Gabriel, and Adrian Schachter. We will be exhibiting paintings and drawings by Eva Beresin, Loren Erdrich, Veronica Fernandez, Michael Fink, Taha Heydari, Nadya Isabella, Dominic Musa, Justine Neuberger, Olive Olivia, Hiroaki Onuma, Ilona Rich, Adrian Schachter, Kenny Schachter, Sage Schachter, Sarah Schechter, Mie Yim, Sofia Yeganeh and furniture/sculpture by Ron Arad, Carmen DApollonio, Misha Khan, OrtaMiklos, Gianni Mora and Maia Twombly.

The exhibition runs November 19th - December 31st.

G5 A6374 copy
G5 A6319 copy
G5 A6309
G5 A6343
G5 A6291
G5 A6283
G5 A6204
G5 A6212 copy
G5 A6234
G5 A6243
G5 A6273