Sofia Yeganeh

SOFIA YEGANEH (b. 1996, London) is a multimedia artist based in London. Working in mediums of embroidery, collage, and painting, her practice is defined by expressive and instinctive characteristics as she deals with personal themes based on identity and the natural world. The natural form is a running thread in her oeuvre, particularly the female body and the way in which it is often depicted idealistically in collective imagination and contemporary culture. Throughout her work she continues to contrast and juxtapose mediums, creating depth and adding nuance.

In her series on bodies of water, the artist experiments with the ways in which light refracts as it hits the surface of the medium while using different techniques to capture the movement of liquid, creating stark contrasts between light and dark, and motion and stasis.

Yeganeh received her BFA in fine art from Parsons School of Art, New York. Her work is in private collections in London and New York