ORTAMIKLOS was formed by Leo Orta (b. 1993, Paris) and Victor Miklos Andersen (b. 1992, Kalundborg) in 2015 while studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Informed by natural habitats and processes, the now-dissolved creative duos’ experimental approach activated their design works from existing norms. OrtaMiklos’ process originated in improvisation and spontaneity, with many of their ideas beginning in guerrilla performances. The duo drew inspiration from a wide variety of references, such as body movements and contortion, graffiti, and animation. Utilizing ad hoc sculpting and coloring processes, the Ortamiklos employed materials spanning from electronic waste to widely available construction supplies like concrete and wood pulp.

Their collaborations include projects with London-based menswear designer Kiko Kostadinov on his first permanent space at Dover Street Market, London menswear Martine Rose and with curator Hans Ulrich Obrist on staging a multidisciplinary performance as part of Reference Berlin Festival.