Veronica Fernandez

VERONICA FERNANDEZ (1998) is a mixed media artist from New Jersey, who is currently working in Los Angeles, California. Fernandez’s work discusses relationships between people and their environments, drawing from her own memories to illustrate the complexities of domestic life. Pulling from a variety of source material – from images of family members to art historical references – Fernandez blurs personal recollections into emotive scenes that evoke a shared nostalgia. She purposely reworks aspects that feel familiar into unfamiliar territory, taking what is hers and morphing it to better relate to a general consciousness. Drawing attention to the impermanence of emotions, Fernandez imbues her work with a sense of unfinishedness, allowing the narratives to remain open-ended for the viewer to make their own. This sharing of experience allows her to speak to a community and discuss our foundations as people: where we come from, how we are shaped, and how we interact with one another.

Fernandez has shown nationally and internationally and has received her BFA from The School of Visual Arts in NYC.